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You will be presented with several ways to search, but all of them involve using
"words" or "names" that you feel might be related to a photo. Be creative, use
combinations to narrow your choices, etc. You can return to the Granite Falls
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Interested in Logging?
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Interested in Railroads?
"donkey", "spar tree", "log", "logger", "mill",
"rigging", "shingle", "duplex", "steam", etc.
"mine", "concentrator", "gold", "silver", "ore",
"Monte Cristo", "quarry", "adit", etc.
"costume", "dress", "hat", "fancy", "woman",
"class", "picnic", "hunting", etc.
"locomotive", "depot", "tracks", "railroad",
"Hartford Eastern", "Everett Monte Cristo",
"Shay", "Climax", "Heisler", "tunnel", etc.
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All photos are shown "as scanned" and have been re-sized for on-screen display.
High resolution computer-enhanced images are available upon request. Visit the
Granite Falls Museum to view and "zoom in" on details.